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Top 10 Bangalore Coworking Spaces for Your Startup

Written by on August 03, 2016

If you’ve followed my advice on not burning out, you know how important it is for freelancers to get out of the house and get a dedicated workspace.

Well, it seems that advice goes for startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses too. In order to get your work really underway, you need to have a space to work regularly.

However, if you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to find the funds to rent an office space—usually with long-term contracts and extra building fees, utilities, setting up your networks, etc.

It can be an overwhelming undertaking.

Good news though. Coworking spaces have been growing rapidly all over the world. Today, we’ll look at the top 10 coworking spaces in Bangalore, now known as Bengaluru, a buzzing hub for IT startups and entrepreneurs.

Social Offline

Bangalore's coworking space with a twist--get a drink while you're at work
Bangalore’s coworking space with a twist–get a drink while you’re at work. Image source

This is a coworking space with a nice twist—it has a bar right in the middle. Well, actually, the workspace is above the bar; either way, it’s a great-looking place for creative people to get together and collaborate. It’s marketed towards those entrepreneurs, startups and small business people who would prefer more social in their work.

The workspace is members-only, and you’ll need to apply for a monthly membership to get in.

Special feature: Because it’s part bar/café/coworking space, the entire monthly fee is redeemable for their delicious food and drinks.

BHIVE Workspace

BHIVE is a great Bangalor location for aspiring entrepreneurs
BHIVE is a great Bangalore coworking space for aspiring entrepreneurs. Image source

BHIVE is a great space for those entrepreneurs seeking a great community atmosphere while they work. There are prices for daily, weekly, and monthly access, although the best benefits come with membership. There are regular events, speaking engagements, and a vibrant collaborative community.

Special feature: Offers great events as well as discounts with brands like IBM Global Entrepreneur Program and Amazon Web Services.


Construkt is a hostel-cum-coworking space for those traveling entrepreneurs
Construkt is a hostel-cum-coworking space for those traveling entrepreneurs. Image source

A different type of coworking space, Construkt bills itself as a hostel/coworking space for the traveling startup and creative community. Envision it as a combination of a low-cost (but quality) hostel and business-oriented working space for entrepreneurs to work together, bounce ideas off each other, or just assist in other ways.

Special feature: Laundry, fresh towels and linen, and a self-catering kitchen.

Workbench Projects

Workbench is a great makerspace for entrepreneurs/innovators
Workbench is a great makerspace for entrepreneurs/innovators. Image source

This coworking space/makerspace is geared towards those entrepreneurs in the product design, digital fabrication, or green technology. There are lots of great and necessary tools needed for entrepreneurs to do their projects, as well as the collaboration from those fellow innovators around you.

Special feature: Pretty much a design and innovator playground with 3D printer and laser cutter.


Jaaga is the original coworking space in Bangalore with many great benefits
Jaaga is the original coworking space in Bangalore with many great benefits. Image source

One of the first coworking spaces in Bangalore, Jaaga attempts to create an entrepreneurial up-and-coming community usually focused on social impact via technology. There’s a wonderfully breezy terrace and open layout, with many other great benefits.

Special feature: Free credits with AWS, IBM, etc., and free access to hardware kitchen (3D printers and other prototyping tools).

The Hive

The Hive is located smack in the middle of one of Bangalore's busiest malls
The Hive is located smack in the middle of one of Bangalore’s busiest malls. Source: The Hive at VR Bengaluru

As with some other coworking spaces here, The Hive has its own thing: it’s located right in the middle of a mall (well, actually spread across three floors), and presents its unconventional space as potential inspiration for entrepreneurs and their teams.

Special feature: Besides being in a mall, it has a common game room, spa and discounted gym memberships.


IShareSpace is a contemporary coworking space located in Prestige Towers in the the heart of Bangalore’s Central Business District
IShareSpace is a contemporary coworking space located in Prestige Towers. Image source

This contemporary coworking space is located in the heart of Bangalore’s Central Business District in Prestige Towers. It is a remarkably well-designed open-plan workspace suitable for a variety of entrepreneur and business needs.

Special feature: Beyond its well-stocked pantry, special offers and discounts from brands such as AWS and One Paper Lane, its greatest feature is the location.


Ikeva's liberared coworking space offers a more flexible and collaborative environment for entrepreneurs
Ikeva’s liberated coworking space offers a more flexible and collaborative environment for entrepreneurs. Image source

This company has coworking spaces all across India, but the one in Bangalore embraces the liberated workspace, offering a more flexible and collaborative working environment for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses and their teams. It has a wide variety of different room choices.

Special feature: Provides extensive network of credible services in Accounting, Finance, Legal, Marketing and others.

Golden Square (Koramangala) 

Golden Square Koramangala is a premium coworking space for IT small teams and entrepreneurs
Golden Square Koramangala is a premium coworking space for IT small teams and entrepreneurs. Image source

Billed as a premium coworking space, Golden Square’s Koramangala branch is great for IT teams and entrepreneurs  who enjoy quality surroundings and a substantive office location.

Special feature: Serviced offices provide the best of traditional offices (phone answering, cleaning, etc.) at coworking prices.

Numa Bengaluru

Numa is a coworking space/accelerator great for budding entrepreneurs and small businesses
Numa is a coworking space/accelerator great for budding entrepreneurs and small businesses

Located right in the very center of Bangalore, this coworking space was formerly known as Cobalrt BLR. There is a great community of entrepreneurs and business teams working there constantly, so it’s great for collaboration, but also functions as an accelerator to boost your business idea. However, if you prefer to be in silence, there’s an option for that too.

Special feature: Offers a 1-6 month accelerator program, as well as social activities such as Tuesday movie screenings.

Check out the map below to find the best coworking space for your needs:

Did we miss any other great Bangalore coworking spaces? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Rajiv

    My name’s Rajiv and I’m the community manager of Work-In, a brand new coworking space at Sony World Signal, Koramangala, the heart of startup capital. Here at Work-In, we have all the facilities you’d expect from a world class office: Air conditioning, conference rooms, lightning fast LAN and Wifi connections, printer, scanner, caffeine, and refreshments.
    We also have a more casual way of working with our floater seats in our Vegan Terrace Lounge, Paradigm Shift which is equipped with the same high speed internet.

    You can check out for more info and feel free to drop in to see the space for yourself! Visit for our address.

    • Alla Ty

      Hi Rajiv, thanks for the info and for the invitation! 🙂

      • Rajiv

        My Pleasure 🙂

  • Nithya Sudhir

    Hey, Great Article! Especially the Map Bit is Great!
    Served as a good reference to my blog post on the same.

    Nice Images Too!

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  • Great article and list of co-working office spaces. I also came across another coworking space in Bangalore checkout here: . Might help other to find one.

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