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Examples of invoices created with InvoiceBerry

Written by on January 19, 2012

Writing correct invoices is a major success factor for small businesses as they are often cash strapped and need to get paid as quickly as possible.

Many business owners ask themselves and search for examples of invoices and invoice templates. They then use this information to create their own invoices.

However, there is an even simpler way to send invoices. You can either download a free invoice template, which you then can open in Word, Excel or Open Office, or you can use an online invoicing software to create, send and manage your invoices.

Free invoice templates

There are plenty of websites available to download invoice templates, we also offer a selection of Word, Excel and Open Office invoice templates on our website.

Other examples of our free invoice templates can be found by clicking here.

Online invoicing software

The even better way to keep track of invoices, payments and your company’s cash flow is to use an online invoicing software.

The advantages are that the software manages all your invoices and keeps them securely stored. You can also create a variety of reports without any previous knowledge in Excel. Here are some examples of invoices which have been created using InvoiceBerry:

Example of an invoice created with Invoiceberry
Example of an invoice created with Invoiceberry


To learn how to create your first invoice in just under 60 seconds, click here!

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  • Jessica

    Thanks for the examples. I signed up straight away for one of your 30 day free trials and hope everything is going to work out fine!

    So far I use the pink invoice template and it looks fabulous!

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