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Get Your Employees Submitting Timesheets Faster

Written by on February 19, 2015

If your firm bills clients as a function of time worked, missing timesheets mean missing revenue. This can be prevented by motivating timely timesheet submissions, but problems can arise when trying to speed up timesheet slow-pokes.

In a world where most hourly billing employees are very proficient and extremely qualified (such as lawyers or consultants), that also means they are extremely busy. But how do you politely inform them that you’d like to run your books on schedule? The answer is to make submitting timesheets as easy as possible, which can be accomplished with these software features.

Remote Access

Consultants, lawyers, accountants, and many other hourly billing workers do tend to work out of the office. As a result, getting to network resources may not be possible.

Multiple Device Support

Lawyers, consultants, and other professional service workers spend a lot of time out of the office, and therefore conduct a lot of their business on their mobile device. Having functionality and support across multiple devices will allow them to avoid inputting information once returning to the office.

Automated Reminders

Billing administrators can automate system alerts to avoid having to send those annoying due-date emails. These alerts can be customized to be send over certain time intervals, at the completion of tasks, and other project benchmarks.

Integrated Timers

One’s memory isn’t always reliable, which is why integrated software timers can provide tracking in real-time versus inputting data after-the-fact. This makes recording time easier and faster, as time can be split between projects by utilizing multiple timers.

Easy reporting

Figuring out which hours are logged can already be a chore, especially if you have the billed employees digging through old emails or checking with their billing administrators. Keep it simple, and keep it easy with self-service reporting tools.

Automation features

Data entry can be a daunting task for any employee. To avoid the pitfall of entering repetitive data, you can utilize a clone feature that inputs the same data as a similar project and allows you to change it to the appropriate time.


Detail and tone can be lost in translation. Taking notes on the fly can also cause you to lose data if you have to input all the data into your computer or phone. On-the-go hourly billers can make their lives a little simpler with a quick and easy way to input a time entry.

Integrated task management

With many companies utilizing multiple tools and software options to get their work done (calendars, project management tools, email, etc.), integrating tasks management and time & billing programs can help reduce the need for duplicate data entry.

You can read the original article “8 Software Features to Get Employees Submitting Timesheets On-Time” from Find Accounting Software.

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