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Get Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Company Performance Reports

Written by on July 20, 2016

Simplifying our customers’ ability to keep track of their core business reports and numbers is crucial to us. That’s why we added frequently emailed company status reports to InvoiceBerry.

You can now set up whether or not you want to receive frequent company reports to your mailbox in your InvoiceBerry settings.

Company reports can be emailed to you weekly (for example, every Friday morning), monthly (on the first of every month for the previous month) or quarterly (on the first day of a new quarter for the previous quarter).

Email settings to activate weekly/monthly/quarterly company reporting
Email settings to activate weekly/monthly/quarterly company reporting


Once you’ve set up the email frequency, you’ll receive your company reports directly to your email mailbox.

Below is a sample company report:

Weeklt//monthly/quarterly company performance reports in your email inbox
Weekly//monthly/quarterly company performance reports in your email inbox


We look forward to your feedback and suggestions!

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